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Fern – Ivy Foliage 50 x 50


  • Protects your privacy from all prying eyes
  • Natural texture that creates a beautiful setting and brings the space around you back to life
  • Offers protection against UV solar radiation
  • Installation on any type of wall, balcony, fence
  • Can be washed with water
  • Provides sun shading
  • Comes with a plastic mesh backing for easy installation
  • Dimensions: 50 X 50
  • Material: 100% PVC:
  • Clip-on tiles 50 x 50
  • Fire retardant
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Fern – Ivy foliage 50 x 50 Wall tile 50 x 50 ferns combined with ivy, PVC, clip-on.

An ideal solution from protection from indiscreet glances, with a natural texture and colours that brighten your space and make it beautiful. Easy to install on any wall, balcony or fence, and will definitely leave you satisfied with your choice!