Shock Pads – Refo Play 55s (en)

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Shock Pads – Refo Play 55s

Shock Pads are anti-vibration floors, made from recycled shoe soles. They have a thickness from 1.10cm to 5.50 cm. Safety floors are thick anti-vibration floors, 100% recyclable. They have a high shock absorption according to European standards and depending on their thickness ensure a safe fall.

They have excellent water permeability and a synthetic turf is necessarily placed on their surface.

In addition, they are environmentally friendly and have the ability to be recycled as a raw material at the end of their maintenance. Ideal for placement in playgrounds, playgrounds and gyms.


Suggested Uses:

  • Playgrounds, parks
  • Schools
  • Multipurpose sports halls
  • Gyms

Technical specifications

  1. Thickness: 5.5 cm
  2. Fall Safety: 2.00 cm
  3. Dimensions: 225cm X 90cm
  4. 25 years factory warranty with normal use