Bilbao 50mm συνθετικος χλοοταπητας κηπου Grass Experts

Bilbao 50 mm (en)

Technical specifications:

  • Pile height: 50 mm
  • Gauge: 5/8”
  • Dtex: 24,000
  • Yarn type: 100% C-shape monofilament PE
  • Yarn weight: 2,380 g/m2
  • Total weight: 3,340 g/m2
  • Material: 100% PE
  • Backing: SBR latex
  • Water permeability: 300 ml per minute for 100 cm2
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 8 years
  • Roll length: 25 m
  • Roll width: 2-4m

Bilbao 50 mm Bilbao 50 mm is made from the highest-quality raw materials, free from lead and cadmium, ensuring only the best quality for our customers. Its appearance and texture are as natural as a real lawn! The straight threads are C-shaped, providing greater durability. It features an integrated memory function incorporated, ensuring a long-lasting product that is elegant and trouble free. Excellent level of UV stabilisation, which protects the turf from the effects of the sun, rain, ice and radiation. The C-shaped threads store up to 20% less heat compared with most conventional thread systems, a great advantage for customers who are intersected in the sustainability of the turf.

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